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Accelerate your financial research, analysis and decision support systems using our proprietary Natural Language Processing and Deep Learning algorithms


Why Almug

Almug is an A.I. technology first company with deep domain expertise in Capital Markets

We are a trusted AI partner to our customers for their financial data and solution needs. We are a customer-centric company and deliver data products at industry leading time and accuracy. We use technology and design thinking to provide systems which deliver comprehensive and strategic insights to augment our client's business decision frameworks.

Partner with us for efficient data and decision support solutions to save on your time, efforts, resources and cost.

Speed & Reliability

Quick turnaround time with AI based data extraction and high accuracy with less manual intervention

Accountable AI

Interpretable and inclusive ML models with continuous monitoring to enable intelligent decision support systems to our clients

Domain Expertise

We apply deep domain expertise coupled with technology expertise, exclusively on solving problems related to capital markets

Contextual Intelligence

Delivering insights with contextual information extraction using proprietary algorithms with a knowledge base built over the years


Factstream brings timely, reliable, comprehensive and consistent company fundamentals data to research community by leveraging AI

Factstream is currently being used by the world's top financial institutions and high yield research firms

Key Features

  • As-reported and normalized data
  • Data delivered in near real-time
  • Easy integration : API/DB dump/Excel
  • Point-in-time dataset
  • Deep history

Our Advantage

  • AI-Driven data collection
  • Handles multilingual data
  • In-depth data followed by financial statements
  • Confidence level indicators
  • AI-driven taxonomy mapping

Data Sources

  • SEC and other regulatory filings
  • Company websites
  • Stock exchanges
  • PR newswire
  • BW newswire and more

Data Highlights

  • Financial statements
  • Notes to account
  • Segment data
  • Supplemental data
  • Financial ratios

To learn more about Factstream Download Brochure. For more case-studies or demo of Factstream contact here or mail to


Alphastream delivers real-time and market-moving information after analyzing news from hundreds of sources and predicts the impact of these on the market

Alphastream is currently being used by top European investment banks and hedge funds.

Key Features

  • 60+ market moving events
  • Contextual Information Extraction
  • Sentiment score
  • Business impact score
  • Structured Taxonomy with data and meta-data


  • Low-latency data feed
  • Private data sources integration
  • Handles Multilingual Content
  • In-depth KPI coverage
  • Highly configurable

Data Sources

  • Company websites
  • Stock exchanges
  • PR newswire
  • BW newswire
  • Social media & Blogs
  • Third party sources

Filtering Noise from Sources

  • Capture relevant information
  • Novelty detection & Deduplication
  • Information extraction with more than 90% precision and recall rate
  • Transform or extract data from text for industry specific analysis

To learn more about Alphastream Download Brochure. For more case-studies or demo of Factstream contact here or mail to


Xtrakt is a Platform as a service (PaaS) offering from Almug, with core engine built on proprietary NLP and ML Algorithms.

Xtrakt provides unstructured data management and decision support solutions, built by combining state-of-art AI with domain knowledge to help uncover drivers behind the business process

For more details/case-studies of Xtrakt platform contact here or mail to

Predictive Intelligence

Deep learning and advanced statistical models are used for predictive analytics such as Credit Scoring and Cash Flow Prediction

Enhanced Customization

Customized solutions delivered with focus across contextual intelligence, information extraction and Natural Language Generation

Unstructured Data Management

Comprehends varied unstructured data sources such as emails, IPOs, bond covenants, transcripts, HTML, other web sources etc

Deep Inference

Understands the nuances in the data, draws contextual information, identifies key drivers and presents data to accelerate decision making

Summarization and Report generation

Data can be transformed into an insightful narrative using NLG and reports are generated in various formats such as pdf, html, etc

Microservices architecture

Microservices based system architecture to ensure reliable outcomes and scalability


Use Cases

Intelligent Automation use cases in Financial Industry are numerous and possibilities of automation are only increasing with the advancement of technology. Listed below are some of the solutions we built on Xtrakt engine for our global clients.


Taxonomy Mapping

Contextual information is extracted from fundamentals and bond documents and mapped to client taxonomy. AI engine supports a multitude of data formats and provides confidence levels indicators


Email Report Automation

Automation of reading email attachments and generating customized reports in different formats such as HTML, pdf, json, etc. using ML & Natural Language Generation


Credit Risk Assessment

Assessing risk for an individual or business entity using ML, Bayesian techniques and DL techniques. Focus on explainability is as much as on prediction accuracy


T&C Extractor from Contracts

Helping high yield research with classification and summarization of Bond Covenants. Hybrid systems comprising of both AI and rule based systems are used


CashFlow Prediction

Portfolio performance prediction using the latest advances in modeling, scalable deployment and drift monitoring systems. Work on business context or process internalization as the key to continued model relevance


Legal Data Risk Assessment

A risk assessment solution which extracts entities from legal documents such as key legal terms, meta-data and asses risk by comparing contractual terms with standard terms



Mass Documents






Sorted Data


Trusted by Financial Institutions globally

We work with financial institutions globally including Investment Banks, Hedge Funds, Asset management companies and Financial Regulators for their data and custom solution requirements


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Almug is an Artificial Intelligence company changing the landscape of capital markets. With an increasing global client base and backed by VCs, we are a fast-growing fintech company. We at Almug value innovation, passion & dynamism and provide ample opportunities to excel individually as well as a team.

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